Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

This page is a list of my future blog post ideas…
But Quirkella, aren’t you worried some other blogger will steal your ideas? Not really. I’m pretty confident there are already a bazillion blog posts about these subjects already, and besides, no one will write anything like what I will write!

  • My Capsule Wardrobe or I Settled on a Look and I’m Sticking to It
  • My Menopause Diet (Round 1)
  • Climbing the Laundry Mountain
  • My Secret Obsession with Bollywood and How I Might Use it to Help Me Get Fit
  • I Hate Clutter; Why Do I Have So Much of It?
  • My Eternal Love for Sidetracked Home Executives and My Hatred for Index Cards
  • My FlyLady Experience or The Shiny Sink Rebellion or Why I Still Wear Shoes in the House to This Day
  • I Geek Out Over David Allen’s Getting Things Done
  • Embarrassing Mommy Stories or How I Win Worst Mommy of the Year
  • Your Branson Travel Guide: How to Spend $1 Million Dollars in the Ozarks
  • The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes: A Financial Professional Makes a Mess of Her Family Budget
  • Doctor, Heal Thyself: How a Financial Professional Tries to Get Out of Debt
  • Vacation Gallery: Colorado, Joshua Tree National Forest, Las Vegas Time Capsule
  • What am I Supposed to do with All This Paper? Burn it, Burn all the Paper Clutter
  • Life Without Carbs is Horrible or How I Failed the Paleo Diet