My Menopause Diet: Conscious Carbs Only

Eggs, the perfect low carb food.
Eggs, the perfect low carb food. Provided by StockSnap.

Two eggs, fried in olive oil, served with a generous sprinkle of shredded cheddar cheese. That was my dinner last night. My family was scattered to the four winds, so I was eating alone. I could have eaten a Snickers bar, a justifiable meal replacement option I discussed at length in this post, My Snickers Diet. I just bought and hid a fresh stash of Snickers bars with intent to resume my Snickers diet this week.

Yeah, I said resume. I did really well with my Snickers diet during January this year. I lost 7 pounds in a month! But in February, I fell off the wagon. Work was stressful, life was stressful, and I found myself eating my Snickers bar (sometimes two of them) as candy, not as a meal replacement. I gained those 7 pounds back. March and April felt like week after week of starting a diet on Monday only to abandon it by Wednesday.

Then, Easter Sunday, I showed my daughter a picture of us taken by a friend on my phone. It was an unflattering picture and I commented to my daughter, “This shows why I need to go on a diet.” Not one to hold back, she replied (with the slightest of eyeroll) “Mom, you keep saying that, but you’re not doing that.”


But she’s right.

So, I decided a new diet approach was in order. I haven’t touched the Snickers bars. They are hidden away! Instead, I’ve decided my new rule is salad. Always eat a salad if one is available. I’ve may have eaten more salad since Easter than I did all of March and April combined! Along with my new salad rule, I’m only eating conscious carbs. Conscious carbs are what I’m calling the carb foods I choose to eat for pleasure and nutrition, not just to fill a hole.

Shrek Ogre O's from Post Cereals
Shrek Ogre O’s from Post Cereals. They taste like Apple Jacks. I might consciously choose to eat them another day. Not this one.

Last night, I was hungry and home alone. I thought about my Snickers, but dismissed them. They are safe in their hiding place for now. I used to joke that if I lived alone, I would subsist entirely on cereal and popcorn. My will power was weak and I thought about just grabbing the box of Shrek Ogre O’s. But that would be eating UNconscious carbs just because I’m hungry and my resolve is weak, and I’ve been so good! A salad wasn’t available, so I turned to the next best thing. My eggs were delicious!

What is your easy go-to low carb meal?

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